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The anatomy class has begun






“Right here!”





Alright, the anatomy class can begin 😉  


It's quite normal as a (first-time) parent to panic a little when your child’s body doesn’t act quite as expected.


We’ve been there, trust us!


We often get the question: “Why aren’t my child’s feet the same size?” (and we can see the despair in their eyes😵 )


Fortunately, it is completely normal that children’s feet (and other limbs) grow at different paces (aaand exhale).


Indeed, the anatomy of the human body is a really interesting topic, at least we think so - but let’s not go into too much detail.


Think of your own body. Maybe you get blisters more easily on one of your feet than the other when wearing a new pair of shoes. It is most likely because one of your feet is a little bit bigger than the other.


Or if you use finger rings, then try to put the ring you are wearing on the corresponding finger on your opposite hand.


Do you feel the difference?


The body just isn’t completely symmetrical and therefore it is quite logical that children and teenagers are a bit more asymmetrical while they are growing into full size.


So, what now?


The best thing you can do is to buy your kids shoes based on the measures of your child’s biggest foot.

This way you can make sure that there is room enough for both feet.


It’s as simple as that! 😉


How to measure the feet




Don’t panic! You’ve got this!


It is completely normal that your child’s feet don’t have the exact same size.


Buy your kids shoes based on the biggest foot - then there is room for all ten toes 😉

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