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How to make sure your children's feet are ready for fall

A new season is upon us, and with a lot of everchanging weather. For many of us this automatically equals large, cozy sweaters and sipping hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. 

Kids however are much more eager to be out in the action, jumping in rain puddles and running through the fallen leaves. They don't really consider rain, wind or snow and hinderance to having fun.

So how can we make sure, that our loved ones have the best conditions for withstanding the harsher weather? 

Well first, they of course need good footwear to ensure that their feet are warm, dry and supported.

Growth spurts

Children's bones and joints are incredibly soft and flexible and needs space to grow without any hinderance. Actually the first two years, a child's feet grow 2 cm per year and then 1,5 cm per year up until they are 4 years old.

Wrong size

Studies from EU shows that 69 % of all kindergarten children are wearing shoes that are too small, which can derail the development of the feet.
So, we have gathered some tips and tricks for figuring out how to choose the right winter boots for your child.

5 quick tips

for picking the right pair of winter boots:

1: Measure the length of the feet. Probably the most important when buying online. Keeping track of the feet's growth can be fun too.

2: Be mindful of the boots fit. It is normal or wide? If you are in doubt chat or call customer service and get advice.

3: Heel cap should be firm and make sure that the boot can be adjusted via laces or velcro.

4: Materials should be light and flexible e.g. leather ensures movability and comfort at the same time.

5: Waterproof and warm. Look for boots with 'Tex' that are waterproof and at the same time breathable. Wool lining to keep the feet warm.

Then it's up to you (and your child) to find the right look - the classic black or go a little crazy. 

See Pyk CPH's ideas for this season.

Really, the most important is to get the measurement right. Don't assume that it's similar to the last pair you bought - they grow fast!

See our guide to measure your children's feet here.
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