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Our mission with starting Pyk Copenhagen is to reduce overproduction of shoes and fight the throwaway culture. Therefore, we always encourage our customers to take good care of the kids shoes they buy to make them last even longer.


3 good reasons to take care of your kids shoes


Generally, taking care of our stuff makes good sense. We clean our home and oil our wooden cutting board once in a while. But we hear from our customers that protecting their shoes from external dirt and water not exactly is their first priority.


The first good reason is that you don’t need to buy new shoes as often if you take good care of them. If your kids shoes are protected with a waterproofing spray they will - all things being equal - spread the joy a little longer.


The second good reason is that it is environmentally friendly. When you don’t need to buy shoes as often you reduce your carbon footprint. If you even use an environmentally friendly waterproofing spray, it’s a big plus!


The third good reason is that your kids shoes keep the original color much easier when you use a good waterproofing spray. You avoid stains and moreover you avoid that the color gets ‘transported’ away from certain areas due to sweat or water.


Choose the right product: Pyk recommends Collonil waterproofing spray


We have made it easy for you to protect your new shoes. When you buy shoes in our web shop you can buy a really good waterproofing spray and/or waterproofing cream

We recommend products from Collonil because it is a newly developed product line where chemical raw materials are only a very small component and 90% of the ingredients are natural.

Collonil’s Protect and Care waterproofing spray ensures a good and effective protection against both dirt and water, simultaneously supplying your shoes with pure olive oil. Moreover, it is made with a pump dispenser, and thus greenhouse gases are not emitted when using the spray.  


Collonil’s Organic Cream gives your shoes the ultimate care. If the color of your leather shoes seems dry and dull, Organic Cream is the right product to revive your shoes.


Among other things, the cream contains carnauba wax and macadamia oil that have an incredibly caring effect and makes the leather feel soft and comfortable. Additionally, the cream is the first vegan shoe cream in the world!


Both products er hypoallergenic and can be used indoor.  

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