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We want to take care of our planet


We love our planet! And we love the fact that we have a planet to love! 🌎❤️


But, if we want to keep our planet as it is so we can keep loving it, we need to take care of it. To do that, we create new innovative and sustainable ideas. Therefore, we constantly explore how we can make the shoe industry more environmentally friendly. 


Every year, we produce more than 24 billion (!) pairs of shoes worldwide and many of them never get sold or used. That's a whole lot of shoes that could have spread joy 🤯


The future is circular


Luckily, we can do something about it - and we do! In the production of shoes, around 60% of the carbon emissions come from the production of raw materials. If we reuse the raw materials, these resources can be saved.


When you order your custom made Pyk shoes, you take a big step forward towards fighting overproduction, and with our newest feature, our Circle Program, you can go one step further. Here, you can make sure that your used kids shoes are reused, or the materials are recycled ♻️


We are convinced that every shoe counts. Together, we can stop the shoe waste.


So, how does it work? 


We're glad that you asked 😉


1. You return your shoes either by mail or you can drop them off at our office - and no, it doesn't matter how worn out they are or which brand it is!

2. Then we take over, and depending on the condition of the shoes, we either give them to charity/recycle them, or we split the shoes apart and reuse the materials we can.

3. As soon as we receive the shoes, you will get an e-mail with a 20€ discount/voucher/gift card (call it whatever you want). Of course, you will receive a bunch of good karma as well ;-)


You can read more and recycle your shoes here. 


We look forward to receiving your used shoes - and sending you the money! 🤑


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