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What is more memorable than your child's first steps?

The immediate excitement and wonder of suddenly being able to move the little feet yourself! The possibilities now seem endless and the world opens up enormously. At Pyk, we put all our knowledge and creativity in the shoes to ensure the best conditions for your child's first steps.

Children's feet are fragile
When your baby is born and up to about 2 years old, the feet are primarily cartilage and fat. From here, the foot begins to develop more and more into bones. During this growth period, the cartilage is particularly fragile and malleable, which means that a baby shoe with a poor fit can hinder the foot's natural development, and help to create problems in bones, joints and muscles later in life. It is therefore absolutely essential that we choose children's shoes with the right fit.

Your child's walk
You have probably already noticed that babies have a different walk than adults. This is because their feet are anatomically different. A fully developed foot has a "heel to toe" gait, which means that the foot lands on the heel and rolls forward on the toes, and then pushes off.
When a baby walks, they will typically land on the entire surface of the foot, grab with the toes and stagger forward, making them stumble and fall easily. Our prewalker shoes have a slightly raised toe, which mimics the "heel to toe" gait and means that your child does not stumble so easily.
Warm feet
Despite children's feet being small, they still have the same number of sweat glands as adults. Sweaty and moist feet are neither healthy nor comfortable for your baby, and we recommend that your child wears socks in his prewalker baby shoes and ensures that the shoe is made of a naturally breathable material such as leather.
Prewalkers from Pyk Copenhagen
Our baby shoes are handmade in Portugal. As mentioned, the little ones walk differently than adults. Their feet are soft and not yet fully developed, which is why we have designed our shoes with plenty of space around the toes and a fit that promotes the baby's natural gait. The design gives your child stability and support, both with a fixed heel cover, but also with the thin and soft sole, which makes the child have a better feeling with the floor.
Our baby shoe "Ask"
Our baby style Ask ensures stable gait because the shoe provides optimal support. A slightly raised snout that helps your child not to stumble. A double velcro provides the best adjustment options and makes the shoes easy to put on and take off. A soft and comfortable removable insole. A suede sole with a thin layer of non-slip natural crepe. Extra soft lining - metal-free and biodegradable Leather upper, also metal-free and biodegradable.
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