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"A GIANT hit for a 6-year-old"


“Quality shoes worth the money!!”, Maria says. “The Nora shoe, which is our first but definitely not our last PYK-shoe, is super lovely in its design and material! Best of all, it’s exactly as our daughter chose it should look! And even with a name on, a GIANT hit for a 6-year-old! We will buy PYK again!” - Maria Sørensen


Nora kids, Buy them here: https://pykcph.dk/products/nora-kids



"Custom made shoes with a name on"


“There is a name on!” “Yes, how pretty they are! And you have designed them”.

This is how the dialogue between Victoria and her mother goes as they open their new package from Pyk Copenhagen. Victoria has designed her own shoes in the Finn Tween style.


Finn Tween, Buy them here: https://pykcph.dk/collections/tween/products/finn-tween



 "We love the concept"


“We love the concept. The shoes are of really high quality. I have never had a shoe that is as flexible as Atlas VL. My son’s foot slides right into it. A cool detail with the name on the shoes. It is easy to design your own shoes and then you know that they are custom made. They came from Portugal 10 days after ordering and moreover you get a super service both on the website and in terms of questions regarding sizes etc. Best recommendations from here” - Trine Teglskov


Atlas VL Kids, Buy them here: https://pykcph.dk/products/atlas-vl-kids

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